The A350 by Ramy RC, the best of RC aviation

The world of Remotely Controlled (RC) aviation is full of surprises. You can either buy or build your own model, but some people push their models to the limit. This is the story of Ramy and his RC airliners.
Ramy and his A350. Copyright: Ramy RC

Ramy is a German YouTuber who loves building RC airplanes. He mainly focuses on airliners, even though he enjoys building lots of different types of aircraft.

 I started learning and building airplanes back in 2011, I have loved aviation since I was a child. I can remember when I was young instead of doing sports or playing with my friends I was in my room creating useless machines out of broken devices. Building and fixing stuff was always my favourite thing to do until I discovered RC airplanes since then I fell in love with this hobby.

The first model he built and flew was a foam-board trainer: needless to say, the maiden flight was a complete failure. Every beginner starts with a crash.

Ramy standing near his Dreamliner and his 777. Copyright: Ramy RC

In 2015 he decided to build his first airliner, an Airbus A330 in the Virgin Atlantic livery. His experience increased and he built more and more aircraft, including a Qantas 737 MAX 8. As he continued to build highly-detailed airliners, his channel gained more and more subscribers. His third build was a Boeing 777X wearing the Lufthansa livery. The model had a 3.5 meters wingspan and featured fully-working folding wingtips, just like the real one. A few months later he built a 787 Dreamliner: let yourself be carried away by its smooth curves and the elegant look of the Air New Zealand’s livery.

Let me introduce you to Ramy’s latest build, the mighty Airbus A350 XWB. Ramy made huge progress with his A350: the model is made from carbon fibre, a very suitable material for RC airplanes due to its resistance and lightweight, but very difficult to handle. Moreover, Ramy’s build is the first A350 model to feature Airbus’ well-known carbon livery.

The A350 is my best work so far, it took 5 dedicated months, it’s the first project that I made completely out of Carbon fiber and 3D printed molds. It turned out very rigid and light, it also flies so good and stable. I’m following the same methods with the Gulfstream G650, my current build
The A350 claims a wingspan of 3.5 meters, please see below for more accurate details.
Scale: 1:20
Weight: 18kg without batteries
EDFs: Schubeler HDS 120mm, 12s power 
ESCs: Castle Phoenix Edge HV 160A 
The plane is made completely out of carbon fibre and 3mm plywood inside the wings structure.
Equipped with Jeti systems, cortex pro-Gyro, and unilight for lighting

Please take a look at the maiden flight video of the A350:

When questioned about how Ramy learned the art of building RC models, he answers like this
I learned everything myself. I never studied aviation or anything similar. I did lots of researching on the internet to get as much information as possible but at the end I always came up with my own ideas.
I like challenging myself. I like solving problems which come up with every project. In the end it’s a never ending learning experience and when I look at the finished airplane I’m just so proud, sometimes I don’t believe I made that!
Copyright: Ramy RC
Thank you, Ramy for helping us with this article. Please don’t forget to check out his youtube channel! We cannot wait to see the next aircraft that is built!

Matteo Tivan

Matteo is a writer for AviationHub365, who lives in Northern Italy. Whilst he enjoys all types aviation, he mainly focuses on military news and analysis. Matteo enjoys flying RC aircraft and going to airshows to capture images of aircraft.


    • Thank you for reading Kim! I agree with you, many people are asking him to build an A380… Maybe one day! Have a great day

    • Hi Kim, I can’t stop to thank you for reading our articles.
      I’m commenting to inform you that Ramy has started building an A380!