Aer Lingus A330 and American Airlines 787 Clip Wingtips in Dublin

Title image source: Darragh Farrelly

An American Airlines 787-8 clipped the wingtip of an Aer Lingus A330 at Dublin Airport. The incident caused the American Airlines flight, bound for Philadelphia to be delayed.

According to a source who spoke to AviationHub365, the American Airlines aircraft was being pushed back, however instead of being pushed back onto the wide body taxi line, the aircraft was mistakenly pushed back onto the narrow body line. This caused the Boeing 787-8 to clip the wingtip of the Airbus A330.

Luckily for all parties involved the incident was fairly minor and caused little damage, meaning both aircraft will likely need minimal repairs. The 787-8 involved was N873BB, the aircraft was only delivered in April 2021

In a statement following the incident American Airlines said “American Airlines flight AA723 from Dublin (DUB) to Philadelphia (PHL), a Boeing 787-8 aircraft, incurred damage during push back, when the right wingtip made contact with a nearby parked aircraft. All customers onboard have deplaned and returned to the terminal with no injuries reported,”

Aer Lingus also confirmed the incident, stating there were no passengers onboard the aircraft and that it was not scheduled to operate at the time.



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