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Aer Lingus Announces New Direct Routes from Manchester to USA

Late last year, Aviationhub365 reported that the Irish flag carrier, Aer Lingus was planning on expanding their route network. In our article, we said that IAG and Aer Lingus wanted to compete in the UK regional Transatlantic market. Today, Aer Lingus confirmed the route.

Aer Lingus is Ireland’s national flag carrier. They serve airports in Ireland such as Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Kerry, Knock West Airport and Donegal. Today, the carrier was focused on its international network as it looks to expand. In this ambitious move made by its parent company IAG and Aer Lingus, they hope to break into the UK Regional Transatlantic Market.

Currently, this market is served by Virgin Atlantic and Delta. But, IAG wanted to seize the opportunity that Thomas Cook once had.

Source: Aer Lingus
Source: Aer Lingus

So, let’s look at the schedule.

  • Aer Lingus will fly from Manchester to New York JFK and Orlando. These flights will commence on the 29th of July.
  • The Orlando route will use an A330-300. The New York JFK will use an A321XLR.
  • Aer Lingus will also fly to Boston using an A321LR from 2022.
  • In an extraordinary and what looks to be a groundbreaking announcement, Aer Lingus, being a relatively small airline on the global stage, is announcing its first-ever route to Barbados. This is, well and truly, a groundbreaking day in Irish Aviation. The flights for this route will commence on 20 October.
  • The new routes will create 120 new jobs.

In a public document, obtained by Aviationhub365, Aer Lingus is planning on using EI-EDY and EI-ELA which are 2 A330-300’s for their new route.

Given the announcement that Aer Lingus will use their A330-300 for the Orlando and Barbados route, this suggests that Aer Lingus is expecting high demand.

Source: Aer Lingus
Source: Aer Lingus

In a press release, David Shephard, Chief Comercial Officer for Aer Lingus said:

We are delighted to offer high-quality, direct, non-stop, business and leisure travel options, at very reasonable prices for travellers and holidaymakers across the North of England. Aer Lingus has been flying to North America for more than 60 years and we also have a proud history with Manchester Airport.

Equally our operation of the new and innovative Airbus A321LR aircraft marks a further milestone as Aer Lingus will be one of the first carriers to fly the aircraft between the UK and the US. We look forward to commencing our transatlantic services this summer.

The pricing is as follows:

Source: Aer Lingus
Source: Aer Lingus


This marks a new beginning for Aer Lingus.

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