Airline Flies Passengers to Wrong Airport

CNN reports that Buddha Air, a Nepalese airline, recently flew some of their passengers to the wrong airport, in an embarrassing mistake for the airline.
The mistake occurred on December 18 when one of the domestic airline’s flights departed from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport. The flight’s intended destination was the southern city of Janakpur, however, the aircraft flew northwest to Pokhara. The two cities are 250 miles apart and in different directions.
In a statement to CNN, an executive for the airline explains the mistake was a mix up saying it was caused by:
lapses in communication and failure to follow detailed standard operating procedures (SOP).”
Once the issue was discovered the airline was granted special permission to fly the passenger to the correct destinations directly from the airport that they mistakenly landed at. The airline has said the pilots will be retrained on the procedures and the aircraft has had its manuals updated.


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