The AN-124 in Sydney – An unusual but welcome visitor!

The 12th of October 2020, was an unusual day for Sydney Airport. It saw the arrival of a 4-engined behemoth, the AN-124 “Ruslan”.

The AN-124 registered no. RA-82042, operated by Volga-Depnr Group was delivering one of two Erickson Skycrane fire-fighting helicopters as well as support equipment for the New South Wales fire fighting force for the upcoming fire season. The flight came in from Athens via Kuala Lumpur.


After spending 12 + hours in the ground, the “Ruslan” departed at 11 pm AEST for the United States mainland via Honolulu, Hawaii

The delivery is a welcome sight for Australian’s who are still reeling from the horror 2019/2020 summer bushfire season.


Vik Singh

Vik was born in Auckland, New Zealand, however he currently lives in Sydney, Australia. He absolutely loves aviation and works as a ramp agent in the aviation sector. When he is not working, you'll often find him flying from one place to another or collecting model aircraft!


  • Great read Vik! What a combo Erickson+An-124. I had a chance to see this humongous aircraft in Turin, Northern Italy. Its dimensions are frightening. I believe it was carrying material to the US for Tesla. Here in Cuneo we have a firefighting Erickson, too, although I have never seen it.