Breeze Airways and Ovelo Airlines: America’s Newest Airlines

After 14 years of no new airlines, the United States are getting 2 brand new commercial airlines. One is Breeze Airways – a start up in Utah. The other is Ovelo Airlines – a start up based in Hollywood Burbank California.

Breeze Airways

This small start up is the brain child of David Neeleman, the co-founder of airlines such as WestJet, JetBlue and Azul. In 2018 Neeleman, Henri Courpron and former JetBlue chairman of the board Michael Lazarus realised that there was a gap in the US commercial airlines market.

They realised that the major US airlines were flying to major hub airports such as LAX, SFO or JFK. Other smaller airports such as Burbank or Forth Worth were not being used – even though they’re perfect.

Photo: Breeze Airways
Photo: Breeze Airways

So, with this business venture in mind and a head full of ambition, they created Moxy Airlines. However, in February 2020 they renamed it to Breeze due to the name clashing with “Moxy Hotels”.

The airline was planned to start in 2020 but pushed back to 2021. Breeze use Embraer E Jets (E195 & E190). On May 27, Breeze began operating.

Breeze Airways fly to secondary airports in major US cities. These airports are perfect and convenient. They ultimately bring employment into the local economy and it is great for passengers wanting to cut down on time.

Ovelo Airlines

Originally Casino airways, the airline began in 1989. They flew exclusively for the Red Lion Hotel. They flew customers to and from the hotel. In 2005 the airline rebranded to Xtra Airways – transporting dignitaries, celebrities and other types of people.

In 2018, Xtra was acquired by Andrew Levy. He rebranded the airline to Ovelo airlines and began operating.

Image: Ovelo Airlines
Image: Ovelo Airlines

The airlines first flight was in April 2021. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas but are based in Hollywood Burbank Airport in California.

Ovelo fly both Boeing 737-700’s and Boeing 737-800’s.

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