British Airways’ new boss, who is he?

IAG recently announced that British Airways CEO Alex Cruz is to step down. Then later announced that Aer Lingus CEO, Sean Doyle is to take over. But, who is this new CEO and what experience does he have to captain a world-class airline. In this analysis piece, we will find out who this new CEO is.
Aer Lingus CEO to become new BA CEO, Image: Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus CEO to become new BA CEO, Image: Aer Lingus

The new CEO of British Airways Sean Doyle joined British Airways in 1998, working various different roles in the airline. In January 2019, Sean became Aer Lingus’ newest CEO taking over from Stephen Kavanagh. Sean Doyle is from Youghal, Cork which is in the south of Ireland.

After he left school, Sean didn’t go too far from home and studied in University College Cork (UCC). Sean comes from a long list of successful hurlers, we might add and his father played inter-county hurling.

Sean joined BA in 1998 and according to IAG, he undertook “various financial, strategy, commercial and alliance roles for the airline culminating in his appointment to the airline’s executive management committee in 2016 as director of network, fleet and alliances.”

Sean got the call to be the new CEO of Aer Lingus in January 2019. During his time at Aer Lingus and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sean has come under scrutiny in the media over job losses. While at Aer Lingus, Sean oversaw the airlines logo and brand refresh.

However, he was saved by Alex Cruz, the outgoing CEO of British Airways as he announced he was stepping down from his role over what the New York Times is reporting “British Airways, like much of the rest of the travel industry, is urgently trying to stay afloat.” It looks like Mr Cruz left the company as he wasn’t able to manage the situation at British Airways.

British Airways 747 at LHR. Image: @spotterisaac – Aviationhub365


Sean didn’t get out easy, however. British Airways is still in a lot of difficulty and is still struggling financially. In a keynote speech, Sean said: “I’ve been back at BA for a week now and my absolute priority is to ensure our resurgence from the worst crisis in the industry’s history.”   In this keynote, Sean goes on to discuss how the UK’s 14-day quarantine isn’t helping the United Kingdom’s economy and the situation at British Airways.


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