Welcome to AviationHub365.com

Hello and welcome to the first article on AviationHub365.com!
My name is Jack, and I am the founder of AviationHub365.


AvHub365 was founded in October 2018, my aim when creating the page was to deliver the latest aviation news, while also providing a platform to enjoy all types of aviation-related

Over a year and a half later, the page is going strong! On Instagram, AviationHub365 has over 28,800 followers, which is crazy to me! The team and I are truly appreciative of all of our follower’s support! It has been incredible.

While I enjoy reporting news on Instagram, I have wanted a way to communicate a wider variety of news and also a way to go further in-depth into the stories that are being reported. Creating a website seems like the next logical step in news reporting for AviationHub365.

The plan is to post daily news articles on here about what is occurring in the world of aviation. Over on Instagram, I have tried to stick to commercial aviation and more substantial news mainly. Here, the team and I will be reporting on all sorts of stories. The website will also contain opinion pieces, reviews and much more. – Sadly, the reviews element of the page may take a while to kickstart due to some critical global issues occurring at the moment!

Thank you very much to Moaz, the AviationHub365 website developer! Without his help, this website would not be possible!

Don’t worry! Nothing will be changing on Instagram or Twitter. News will still be posted there, and games/competitions such as airline awards will continue to take place there. This website is just an expansion and will allow us to do more.

Personally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone, and I’m incredibly excited for the future!

Jack 🙂


Jack founded AviationHub365 in 2018 due to his love of aviation! He enjoys creating aviation content for everyone to enjoy! AviationHub365 has given Jack a platform to report on his passion.