Massive Air-Force Evacuation Effort Underway At Kabul Airport

As US troops leave Afghanistan, the Taliban has made advancements to the capital city, Kabul. On Sunday evening, it fell and the Taliban now controls Afghanistan. The United States Air Force has sent C-17’s, KC-130’s & KC-135 Stratotanker.

According to Reuters report, thousands of Afghanistan people have fled to Kabul Airport. They want to get out. They don’t feel safe.

The US and it’s European allies such as the UK, Germany & The Netherlands have all sent their own aircraft to repatriate foreign dignitaries and embassy workers.

The US has taken control of Kabul air traffic control and the Afghanistan government department responsible for aviation said that aircraft should avoid Afghan airspace as it is uncontrolled.

There are reports of numerous deaths at Kabul Airport. It is unknown how these people have died. United States troops have fired their guns into the air to stop people trying to board a plane full of embassy dignitaries and workers.

Images circulating online show that thousands of people are trying to board Boeing 777’s,  Airbus A330’s & USAF C-17’s

A Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 has taken off from Kabul on Monday. The first plane left Kabul, arriving in Doha.

Early on Monday morning, the RAF arrived back in the UK at Brize Norton with embassy officials and UK citizens as part of Operation PITTING.

Image: UK Ministry of Defense
Image: UK Ministry of Defense


This is an ongoing story. More to follow…

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