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Ryanair 737 Met By Fire Crews After Landing

Earlier today at Dublin Airport, Ireland, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 was met by fire crews after landing.

The aircraft, registered EI-DWD, was operating flight FR205 from London Stanstead to Dublin. The aircraft landed on runway 28L at approximately 11:19 AM.

Credit: SGL Aviation
Credit: SGL Aviation

According to a post made on the popular Facebook Group, Dublin Airport Movements/Spotting, the master overheat warning in the breaks went off as the plane was landing.

The crew then immediately requested fire services telling ATC:

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday Ryanair 8 Bravo Wilma Fire indication request fire services front of the runway

This happened just as the plane landed.

Credit: (Instagram) @Tadgh_aviation
Credit: (Instagram) @Tadgh_aviation

We do have an indication of a fire and we may have to evacuate.

In ATC transcripts, Dublin Tower notified the pilots that there was “no smoke coming from the undercarriage”.

Credit: SGL Aviation
Credit: SGL Aviation

“Within moments after stopping short of Sierra 4 the Dublin airport fire services were on route to the Aircraft lying still on the runway. The engines had been shut down as they were pending the arrival of the emergency services.” Said eyewitness Tadgh O Callaghan who was out spotting beside the runway.

The pilots and ground emergency services did exceptionally well in controlling the situation resolving in a good outcome on the event,” said Tadgh to Aviationhub365.

“Just as I was reviewing my shots I noticed that the aircraft had stopped very short of any turn off taxiways. At this point in time, he was stopped just short of taxiway Sierra 4 to the Eastern side of it.”

Credit: SGL Aviation
Credit: SGL Aviation

A “Distinctive electrical smell emanated from [the] plane for 5 minutes” said Colm Phelan who was also an eyewitness of the event.
EI-DWD being tugged to stand. Credit: Colm Phelan

After the ordeal which lasted around 50 minutes, the Ryanair Boeing 737 was tugged to a stand, presumably at terminal 1.

During the incident, operations at Dublin Airport moved to runway 16, the south-east facing runway at Dublin Airport.

Source: Flightradar24

Aviationhub365 reached out to Ryanair for a statement and a spokesperson said “The crew of this flight from London Stansted to Dublin (21 Feb) detected a minor technical issue with the aircraft upon landing at Dublin airport. In line with procedures, the crew notified ATC, passengers disembarked normally and the aircraft is being inspected by Ryanair engineers.”


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