Singapore Airlines to transform an A380 into restaurant

After receiving backlash for proposing to operate joy flights to nowhere for customers, Singapore Airlines have turned their attention to a grounded A380 and will turn it into a temporary restaurant! 

For only two afternoons, on October 24th-25th, the 5-stars airline will offer an exclusive dining experience aboard the largest passenger aircraft ever built. Customers will be able to choose between different international menus, depending on the class selected by the diner. Reservations for the A380 restaurant will open on October 12th 2020.

Diners will be seated in groups of up to five, with safe distancing between groups. Diners and crew will be required to undergo temperature screening and complete the SafeEntry digital check-in before boarding the aircraft. They are also required to wear a face mask at all times, except when consuming food or drinks. Singapore Airlines ensures that special safety precautions will be taken during the preparation of their meals. Before and after every dining experience, the aircraft will be thoroughly cleaned, with extra care taken to sanitise common surfaces. The aircraft is equipped with HEPA filters, which remove more than 99.9% of the microbes in the air.

Source: @planespotting_by_nick

The airline will also organise special events for their costumers, including a tour of the mighty A380 and a heritage wear exhibition. Diners can also watch a movie during their meal, thanks to KrisWorld flight entertainment. Customers will receive limited edition items after the unforgettable dinner.

This move by Singapore Airlines is the latest in a series of moves by airlines to create customer-friendly events which can give some joy to those stuck on the ground. Some airlines, such as Qantas have organised a special flight and have also auctioned off a large number of their products. It is crazy to think that airlines are resorting to events like this as a source of income and shows just how badly COVID-19 has impacted the aviation industry.

Matteo Tivan

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