The Worldwide A380 Fleet

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely damaged the aviation industry. Airlines have had to cut jobs, retire aircraft and rethink their future strategy and fleet plans, along with many other critical aspects of running an airline. One aircraft which has felt the full brunt of the pandemic is the Airbus A380, an aircraft which has long raised questions over its long term viability.

In a previous AviationHub365 article we spoke about how the A380 has become somewhat of a white elephant in the aviation world, loved by travellers but a pain for most airlines. If you would like to read our opinion/analysis piece about the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on the A380 fleet click here.

This article is a breakdown of the worldwide A380 fleet, we have used FlightRadar24 and planespotters.net to ascertain the status and location of each A380 along with analysing various fleet plans from A380 operators. Some airlines have not been specific as to which A380s are being retired or what the long term plans for the A380s in their fleet are.

How many A380s have been ordered and delivered?

Since the A380 entered production there have been 251 orders for the aircraft, as of the 19th of November 2020 242 of these aircraft have been delivered, with 9 orders still outstanding.

DeliveredOn Order

As seen above 96.41% of all A380 orders have been fulfilled

Out of the remaining 9 A380s, 1 is for ANA, with the other 8 destined for Emirates.

ANA has delayed the delivery of their 3rd and final A380 until 2021. Emirates have stated that they are set to take delivery of 2 A380s in the final months of 2020.


Out of the 242 A380s delivered Emirates is by far the largest operator of the type, at one stage operating 115 of the type. 115 is likely to be the highest number of A380s at one given time in the fleet, with Emirates retiring 1 aircraft already, with 2 more earmarked to go this year. Furthermore, as the fleet ages, more will be withdrawn. The amount set for an early retirement likely depends on the airline’s post virus recovery.




Status of the A380 fleet

Currently, the majority of A380s are parked in several airports around the world. Many airlines are still deciding the fate of the aircraft and which, if any, they will spare from retirement.

Out of 251 A380s

  •  18 A380s are in active service
  • 192 are stored
  • 10 are confirmed for retirement
  • 23 have been retired
  • 9 are to be delivered


* PR = Planned Retirement | TBD = To be delivered

In our analysis, an aircraft is classified as stored if it has not operated commercially for the last month. Most airlines are operating their aircraft on test flights, with some airlines, such as ANA, operating flights to nowhere.

The tally of 252 is inflated due to Hi-Fly’s A380 being a second-hand aircraft. The correct tally is 251.

Individual Aircraft

Given the situation with the A380 is constantly changing, AviationHub365 has now set up a page to allow readers and followers to stay up to date with the A380 fleet along with the location and status of each aircraft.

We will try to keep the page regularly updated with information as it comes in. Use the button below to gain access to the page!

Click here to view individual aircraft

As is clear from the numbers above, the A380 fleet is set for a long period of time on the ground. Sadly, it is likely a large number of aircraft will not fly again. How many will return and which aircraft, is still yet to be seen!


The virus that killed the A380?

A380 fleet page


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